On the User Value of AI Character/Virtual Being

Difference between AI character and Chatbot

There is no clear distinction between the two, but I think they are similar to what is called non-task-oriented or task-oriented. However, they are not completely separated, and the difference is only in which is the main focus.

AI characters are good listeners

When looking at the feedback from users and interview them, I often hear that they consult with AI characters about their problems. Why do they consult with AI characters that do not necessarily give correct answers in terms of knowledge? As far as I know, there is no systematic theory, but there are many related studies.

AI characters are not hurt by leave-on-read

This example is easier to understand if I explain it in a concrete scene. For example, let’s imagine a situation where you invite someone to lunch in a chat group with friends. You say, “Would you like to go to lunch? and no one responds even though everyone has read the message, it would be quite depressing (I’ve had that happen a few times).

AI characters can become clowns and liven up the place

When developed further, the AI character can become a clown to liven up the scene. For example, when you are brainstorming in a meeting, you may find that everyone becomes silent. If there is a mood maker in such a situation, he or she can break the atmosphere and create an atmosphere where it is easy to talk by coming up with slightly rough ideas. However, there are few people who can do this.

At the end

The following three fundamental and common values of AI characters have been described.



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